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Modelling the social aspects of knowledge production, technology assessment and innovation processes, we use a broad collection of computer-based methods, among them information retrieval, discourse and document analysis, scientometrics/bibliometrics, technology scouting, social network analysis, policy modelling and agent-based simulation.

For our simulations, we use the agent-based simulation plaform SKIN (short for Simulating Knowledge Dynamics in Innovation Networks). SKIN (developers: Petra Ahrweiler, Nigel Gilbert and Andreas Pyka) is an open-source software: the basic model and all its derivates are under a Creative Commons (CC) Licence. Details about how to use SKIN, the licence, conditions to use SKIN, publicly-funded SKIN projects, SKIN publications and SKIN events can found on the webpage of the model cress.soc.surrey.ac.uk/skinwp/

The picture shows a network in front of a black background.