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The scientific work at the EA European Academy is organised in joint interdisciplinary research projects, mostly on European level. There are four different EA Research Departments:

InnoSEn: Network Analysis and Simulation of Innovation Dynamics for new Key Technologies in the Energy Sector

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EnAHRgie: Conception of sustainable land use and energy supply at the municipal level. Implementation in the model region Ahrweiler

  • Funding: BMBF, Innovation groups “Sustainable Land Management”
  • Duration: March 2015–February 2019

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IND_4.0: Industry 4.0 in Central-, South- and East-Europe from the Perspective of Technology and Vision Assessment

  • Funding: Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF); Funding Programme MOEL-SOEL
  • Duration: 01/17-12/18
  • Project Coordination: Dr. Stephan Lingner

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EIS: Enabling Innovation by Simulation

  • Funding: Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)
  • Duration: October 2015–September 2018
  • Co-ordination: Dr. Michel Schilperoord

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ZIE: Analyses of multi-level design processes for future energy systems as basis for long-term viable innovations in the energy area 

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ENavi: Kopernikus-Project „System Integration“ Energy Transition Navigation System

  • Cooperation-Project
  • Funding: Federal Ministry of Education and Research
  • Duration: September 2016 – August 2026
  • Role of EA: Associated Partner
  • Contact Person in EA: Dr.-Ing. Bert Droste-Franke

Focus and Main Topics: Implementing concepts and experiences from the regional project EnAHRgie

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CECAN: Centre for the Evaluation of Complexity Across the Nexus

  • Funding: Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) in collaboration with Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), Environmental Agency (EA), Food Standards Agency (FSA) 
  • Duration: March 2016 – March 2019
  • Role in Project: Methodological partner for SKIN simulations

    • Co-ordination: University of Surrey, United Kingdom
    • Focus and Main Topics:
      Developing and enhancing methods for the evaluation of policies in complex settings across the nexus of energy, environment, & food, where complexity presents a challenge to policy interventions. Piloting these methods on a range of evaluation projects; organising educational programmes for practitioners, academics and policymakers; and publishing guides and toolkits for evaluators, those commissioning evaluations, and policy audiences. Further information: Project

    INOGOV: Innovations in Climate Governance: Sources, Patterns and Effects (FP7 ISCH COST Action IS1309)

    • Funding: EU 
    • Duration: June 2014–June 2018
    • Role in Project: MC Member (Managing Committee)
    • Co-ordination: Prof. Andrew Jordan, Norwich, UK
    • Contact: Dr. André Schaffrin
    • Focus and main topics: This Action will help build the capacity for innovating in climate governance by: identifying effective ways of stimulating and diffusing policy and governance innovations; building a stronger evaluation capacity to assess such innovations; and spreading usable knowledge in innovative ways such as via open access course materials.

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