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Publications/ Lectures

  • Droste-Franke, B.; Fohr, G. (2017): Simulating Innovation of Key technologies in German Energy Transition, Social Simulation Conference (SSC), ESSA, 25-29 September 2017, Dublin. PDF-Download
  • Fohr, G.; Droste-Franke, B. (2017): Analysing and Visualising Innovation Networks of Key Enabling Technologies in the German Energy Transition. Third European Conference on Social Networks (EUSN) 26-29 September 2017, Mainz.



Joint Project: Network Analysis and Simulation of Innovation Dynamics for new Key Technologies in the Energy Sector (InnoSEn)

Subproject: Development of tools for the analysis of innovation networks

This endeavor comprises a research project in which innovative methods and models from interdisciplinary innovation research are applied and refined to serve as tools for the integration of sociological and socio-economic aspects within quantitative system analyses of the energy sector. The emphasis is on the analysis of knowledge and knowledge dynamics in innovation networks in course of the processes of implementing key technologies in energy transitions.

In the proposed project innovative key technologies for low-carbon balancing of supply and demand are to be determined as well as impediments to their implementation before measures to remove those barriers are analyzed and discussed. Substantial groundwork for this study of innovation dynamics is laid through expert interviews and empirical analyses of implementation processes as well as subsequent simulations by means of the agent-based models SKIN and AMIRIS, which will need to be further developed resp. adapted and synchronized.

EA’s sub-project focuses on developing the key tools for analyses of innovation networks. In addition to modelling based on the SKIN-platform, this task includes the development and elaboration of procedures and tools for gathering and analyzing data with regard to relevant technologies in the energy sector. In addition this sub-project contributes to determining relevant key technologies.

Network analysis – Battery research in Germany

Fig.: Degree Centrality (svg-File). Recipients of funds in a network of joint battery research projects, funded by the federal ministries. R&D organisations and universities are coloured green, industry pink, and service providers blue. Data source: Batterieforum Deutschland.