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Analyses of multi-level design processes for future energy systems as basis for long-term viable innovations in the energy area 

Energy transitions take place in the centre of society. At the same time, competences for changing framework conditions affecting the energy system development are distributed over various administrative levels. Also, multiple economic actors and research results influence the innovation process in the energy sector. Beside these organisational aspects, of course, technical, pure economic, environmental, and legal aspects need to be taken into account to manage an energy transition.

In this EA project, funded by the German Aerospace Center, researchers investigate how viable innovations in the energy area can be fostered effectively considering the relevant multiple levels and multiple aspects involved. For this purpose, the already established workflow for the analysis of innovation dynamics in innovation networks is applied and extended by further analytical approaches relevant for the energy area. Additionally, an infrastructure is developed and built up which can be used for presenting and discussing various complex circumstances with different target groups. In particular, it should enable the joint reflection of data, models, and qualitative issues with scientists, stakeholders, and decision-makers. Based on the work of the specifically appointed interdisciplinary project group and on the findings of the trans-disciplinary workshops carried out, the tools will be used to derive recommendations for designing long-term viable innovations in the energy area. The application experiences will be used to furthermore continuously improve the developed tools.