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EA-Director Prof. Dr. Petra Ahrweiler has been invited to deliver a keynote speech and hold a workshop at UCD College of Business in Dublin on 20 April 2017.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Innovation management simulations - Professor Petra Ahrweiler, Director of the EA, will be speaking at the College of Business and UCD Cantillon Research Center for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Design on 20th April, within the scope of the All Island Intertrade Ireland Innovation Programme of the Irish Government.

In her keynote address, Professor Ahrweiler will introduce the methodological approach of innovation management simulations following the advent of digitalization, big data, and computational simulation. She will highlight how simulations increasingly  become appropriate management tools for addressing the "what if"-questions of organizational interventions. She will give a review of how simulations can provide managers with empirical data for realistic scenario modelling in order to test and assess strategic options prior to the implementation phase. She will also show that these new experimental methods are not only about identifying potentials, chances, and options of innovation management strategies, but that they can also be used for avoiding undesirable outcomes in terms of an early-warning system.

In the subsequent masterclass, the participants concerned with innovation management in Irish companies will experimentally apply their newly acquired insights to tackling their own challenges under Ahrweiler's guidance.

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