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The dynamics of entrepreneurs and networks for regional energy transitions - Dr. André Schaffrin speaker at 8th International Sustainability Transitions Conference (ITC) in Gothenburg, Sweden, on 19 June 2017

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Dr. André Schaffrin presented a theory-driven approach to social network analysis of regional energy transitions at the IST in Gothenburg, Sweden, on 19 June 2017, which was drafted in collaboration with EA researchers Tanja Nietgen and Benjamin Schrempf. He outlined a comprehensive multi-stage research plan, which illustrated the conception of sustainable land use and energy supply at the municipal level. Referencing the EnAHRgie project, he contemplated at how the dynamics of a social change process can be analyzed and implemented from a power supply based on fossil fuels to a sustainable energy system. At the center of his lecture was the drafting of a methodological framework that allowed a systematic case selection and the collection of sufficient data for the analysis of local and regional transition processes for a sustainable energy system. He conceptualized analytical methods by means of social network analysis, empirical tests, phase-models and socio-technical multilevel transition models. Dr. André Schaffrin, Tanja Nietgen, and Benjamin Schrempf illustrate various aspects such as multilayered dynamics, project phases, influencing factors and niche developments in the process of the formation and development of social networks by individual entrepreneurs in a project.