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“Simulating innovation of key technologies in German energy transition” Dr. Bert Droste-Franke speaker at 13th Social Simulation Conference (SSC 2017) in Dublin, Ireland, on 27 September 2017

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Dr. Bert Droste-Franke, head of our department energy, will hold a speech at the SSC in Dublin, Ireland, on 27 September 2017, which was drafted in collaboration with Gabriele Fohr, researcher in our project "Network Analysis and Simulation of Innovation Dynamics for new Key Technologies in the Energy Sector" (InnoSEn).

The paper presents theoretical approaches to the structuring of empirical analyzes with the aim of identifying barriers for the further development of the sector, especially with regard to knowledge flows that form the basis of our empirical work. In addition, first results are presented in the form of analyzes and visualizations of research networks on storage technologies, in particular lithium batteries. These are used to discuss the first elements of the empirically grounded, agent-based model "SKIN". The data used in the project primarily consist of statistical analyzes, interviews and results from our work with expert groups.

The 13th annual SSC is organized by the European Social Simulation Association (ESSA) which is the main European scientific society to promote social simulation and computational social science. This year’s conference will explore the theme “Social Simulation for a Digital Society” through stimulating cross-disciplinary research and using applied and methodological tools in a transforming society.