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Workshop of the interdisciplinary research project "Digital worlds of work in research and development" (DiA) in the EA Lab on 17. July 2018

Thursday, 19 July 2018

Dr. Stephan Lingner, EA’s Deputy Director, and EA researcher Julia Thelen coordinated a workshop of the DiA project group in the EA Lab on 17 July. The interdisciplinary research team developed and discussed some disciplinary perspectives and papers on the digitization of working environments from a technical, scientific-theoretical, technical-ethical and ergonomic point of view.

The members of the project group presented previously prepared and exchanged texts and then discussed the presented and written theses on the topic from the respective disciplinary perspective. Professor Dr. Dr. h.c. Carl Friedrich Gethmann of Siegen University focused on correlation and causality. Professor Dr. Jan Cornelius Schmidt of Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences examined digitization and big data in science and research and opened up some questions of scientific theory and philosophy of technology. Dr. Mark Azzam, head of DLR Think Tank, spoke about concepts of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Dr. Claudio Zettel of the DLR Project Management Agency focused particular attention on the digitised working world in research.

The next workshop of the project group is planned for the end of September.