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Industry 4.0 and Culture 2.0 – Prof. Dr. Gerhard Banse Keynote-Speaker at CultMedia-annual conference in Prag, Czechia, on 10. September 2018

Thursday, 18 October 2018

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Banse, EA researcher in the IND_4.0 project, was keynote speaker at the annual conference of the International Network on Cultural Diversity and New Media (CultMedia) at the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague on the 10th of September. Prof. Banse presented the topic Industry 4.0 and Culture 2.0. 

The conference from 10 to 12 September was dedicated to the focus on industry 4.0, culture 2.0 and the new media: realities, trends, myths. The European research network CULTMEDIA investigates this change interdisciplinary on philosophical, cultural-scientific, psychological, social-scientific, communication- and information-scientific level.