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Jeanette Klink-Lehmann from Bonn University presented co-authored paper on bioeconomy, drafted together with Dr. Kristin Hagen and EA-researcher Dr. André Schaffrin, at NTA8 in Karlsruhe on 7. November 2018

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Technology Assessment of the German bioeconomy policy as a basis for a transparent societal discourse – Jeanette Klink-Lehmann from Bonn University presented a co-authored paper at the eighth conference of the Network Technology Assessment (NTA8) at the Südwerk in Karlsruhe on the 7th of November, drafted together with Dr. Kristin Hagen and EA-researcher Dr. André Schaffrin. The paper argues for a conceptual approach on normativity and power relations in the context of the social transformation towards a national ‘bioeconomy’.

The authors state that there is a gap of knowledge regarding the connection between the significance of worldviews, values and beliefs in relation to interests, institutions and power-relations in bioeconomy policy development. Understanding the connection will help unravel narratives that underlie cemented debates. And the impact could be more precise political discussions, and improved quality of participation in further policy development.

The paper aims to discuss the meaningfulness and potential legitimacy of scientific policy advice, communication and participation activities around the German bioeconomy strategies. The authors describe the role and the means of an inter- and transdisciplinary technology assessment (TA) approach to provide substantial orientational knowledge for the public and political discourse. They apply a case study approach focusing on the role of biotechnology (including synthetic biology) in the production of bioenergy and in breeding plants and animals for food. These policy fields reflect on morally contested and central aspects of bioeconomy.